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25 Reasons You Won’t Get Followed On Twitter

How many people do you know on this list? Are you one of them? Did we miss anything? Leave a comment below!

  • You are a hot chick in a bikini.
  • You are a tattooed body builder in swimming shorts.
  • You are a link building or a SEO service.
  • You have no bio.
  • You have a bio but it sucks.
  • Your bio is illiterate.
  • Your bio only says you are a mom/wife/husband.
  • Your bio says you follow back.
  • You started following someone because they used your keyword in a tweet (blog post, e-book, etc).
  • You tweet in a language we don’t know.
  • You have no @ mentions in your stream.
  • You never RT other people’s tweets.
  • You never thank people for RTing your tweets.
  • You only tweet links.
  • You are rude to others on Twitter.
  • You spam/send links in a tweet where you @ mention someone.
  • You @mention too many people in a spammy tweet.
  • You tweet the same link to 50 people in 5 minutes.
  • You are a brand new user (less than 5 tweets).
  • You have less than 10 tweets but all selling and recommending stuff.
  • You tweet about yourself too much.
  • You are a CEO of something.
  • You follow 10 people and have 20.000 followers.
  • You didn’t say Hi to me or introduce yourself.
  • You never tweet anything just for your followers information or entertainment. It’s all about you.

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