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Standard Hosting - $100/month

Ideal for most websites, this plan includes basic hosting services with essential performance and security features. Suitable for standard business websites with moderate traffic

Designed for high-traffic websites or those requiring more resources and advanced security. This plan is perfect for larger sites or e-commerce platforms with heavy traffic.
I Acknowledge and Agree: By choosing to host the website on my/our own server, I/we understand and agree to the following terms:
  1. Provision of Access: It is my/our responsibility to provide [Your Company Name] with all necessary login information for website setup and maintenance. Work on the website cannot commence without this information.
  2. Uptime Responsibility: I/We acknowledge that the uptime and overall performance of the website are my/our responsibility. [Your Company Name] is not liable for any downtime, data loss, or performance issues associated with my/our web hosting service.
  3. Cooperation for Access Issues: Should any issues arise requiring hosting provider intervention, I/we agree to cooperate and facilitate communication between [Your Company Name] and the hosting provider to resolve these issues efficiently.

By checking this box, I/we confirm that I/we have read and understood these terms and agree to abide by them in relation to the website hosting and maintenance.