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Many companies in our industry use the lack of knowledge of their clients to inflate their costs. Every client request turns into an added cost. We believe in a fair and simple pricing model. We make sure we understand what our clients need upfront so that we don't have to throw in hidden fees halfway through the project. As professionals, you pay us to be able to do things efficiently and effectively -- and that's exactly what we do.


Your P&L shouldn't determine the quality of your digital presence. Whether it's an online store, learning management system, or just your company's online presence, your users and visitors should feel like you paid much more for your website than you did. We make sure that happens.


We take pride in our ability to complete most projects quickly without sacrificing quality or cutting any corners. We just do what we do well.. While there are obvious exceptions, many of our competitors will inflate your timeline for their convenience. We're not a sweat shop nor are we in business to crank out as many mediocre projects as we can as fast as we can. It's your investment, and we respect that.



Gandy Labs is an award winning digital media, web design and PR agency. In 2010, Gandy Labs has worked with a wide range of organizations including corporations such as Lockheed Martin, non-profits, and even the Department of Homeland Security as project manager for Study In The States.

We believe honest work and open communication make for the best projects, ensuring projects never get off track and expectations are always both clear and exceeded.